1 ton unit, installed, and tested, with a warranty provided by the manufacturer at $2499.00

Unit Specs Can be viewed here


Choose one of the 3 plans available…

The Deluxe Plan
$29.95 month (requires an inspection)

100% free daytime labor for all heating emergency service calls. (8 hr. limit)
2 free after-hours emergency service calls annually. 50% off any subsequent calls.

  • Materials and Parts 30% discount.
  • Free Tune & Clean.
  • Deep discounts on new equipment.
  • Free Estimates.


The Premium Plan
$21.95 month (requires an inspection)

50% discount on daytime labor for all heating emergency service calls. (8 hr. limit)
1 free after-hours emergency service call annually. 30% discount for any subsequent calls.

  • Materials and Parts 20% discount.
  • Free Tune and Clean.
  • Free Estimates


The Basic Plan
$12.95 month (no inspection required)

  • 25% discount on daytime labor for all heating-related service calls.
  • 25% discount on after-hours emergency service.
  • Materials and Parts 10% discount.
  • Free Tune and Clean.
  • Free Estimates.

$9.95 month (Add-On Only)

If you have central Air Conditioning, please consider adding our cooling maintenance package to any plan (Deluxe, Premium, or Basic).

This plan includes:

  • Pre-season start-up inspection.
  • Free coil cleaning.
  • 50% discount on charging of system if required.
  • 30% discount on labor for repairs.
  • Parts/Materials charged at discounted rate of the heating plan you choose.



$14.95 month (requires an inspection)

This “insurance” will give you peace of mind that you won’t be stuck with a clogged drain for long. Priority same-day service guarantee.

  • Receive any drain cleaning service during daytime business hours.
  • This includes: Use of large drain machine, small machine, hand auger, or closet auger.
  • 1 Free emergency after-hours drain cleaning.
  • 50% Discount on any sewer camera services required.
  • 30% discount on parts and materials required for any DWV line repairs.


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