Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when a faucet is said to have 8-inch centers?
The faucet mounts with the fixture holes set 8 inches apart. It's important that you buy the right size faucet to fit.

What is plumber's putty?

It is a sealing putty used for a variety of tasks including to seal basket strainers, garbage disposal rims and tub drains.

I don't have enough room under my sink to get the faucet nut off.
A basin wrench is a tool designed especially for that.

What is the purpose of pipe joint compound or tape?
They reduce friction in assembly and provide a watertight seal.

Which is better for sealing - Teflon(TM) tape or thread joint compound?
They do the same job, but Teflon(TM) tape is easier to work with and makes a cleaner joint.

What kind of solder do I use on a water line?
Health codes require lead-free solder.

Do you recommend plastic pipe cleaners and primers?
These are applied to a pipe and fitting before applying the solvent weld glue to ensure a strong bond. Their use is always a good idea, especially if it's for a water supply line or the connection is going to be somewhere that will be difficult to get to in the future.

What does flux do?
It cleans the surface prior to soldering. It prevents the oxidation of the metal. And it allows the solder to flow freely.

Is there a wrench I can use that will not damage the brass, aluminum or other soft material?
Yes, a strap wrench grips the pipe without teeth.

What is the difference between PVC and CPVC plastic pipe?
CPVC can be used on hot and cold lines, while PVC is for cold water only. PVC is usually used as a drainpipe.

How should I cut plastic pipe?
Any fine-tooth saw will work, but make sure you remove any burrs.

What is the proper way to join galvanized pipe to copper pipe?
You should use a dielectric union. This will prevent electrolysis from occurring, which deteriorates the copper tubing.


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